Amortizing Roll Form Tooling

Why Choose Roller Die + Forming?

Roll Forming Dies and Tooling LibraryCustom roll form tooling is often necessary to create the exact cross section or hole punch pattern clients desire. A well-designed custom cross section or multi-pattern hole punch can create many different parts, so is often worth the up-front investment in the cost of tooling. The Roller Die + Forming engineering team is experienced in the science, and art, of designing tooling to create a cross section with a tight tolerance and functional purpose.

Amortizing Roll Form Tooling

Custom tooling can often be a big up-front cost to getting your project off the ground. However, spread out over a portion of your project, the tooling cost becomes a negligible part of the per-piece cost. This allows you to focus on other costs as you work to get a new product going or revamp an existing product.

Amortizing tooling for multiple parts also allows you to adjust your costs to fit within a budget. Further, since you’ve purchased the tooling, you’ll be able to use it again in the future when your product proves to be a success! Tooling can last a long time, often well past the initial product run, and amortizing your roll form tooling gives you a way to control the costs and get the parts you need.

Using the Standard Tooling Library

Roller Die also offers our Standard Tooling Library, an excellent resource to help our customers significantly cut down on the upfront costs of developing tooling. We have hundreds of common cross sections that customers can use, or use as the base for a further custom shape. You can browse our tooling library or reach out to a member of our sales team to discuss your needs and let our engineers help you determine what would work best for your specific part.

Whether you decide to purchase custom tooling and how you handle those costs will be a discussion between your engineers and purchasing department and our team, but we will work hard to make sure you’re able to meet your goals and are satisfied with the service we provide.