Benefits of Sourcing American Made Materials

Benefits of Sourcing American Made Materials

At Roller Die + Forming, we believe that consistency and quality are requirements for our products and services. We know how important it is to be sure that our customers have access to quality products when they need them. It is equally important that we source the materials that make your products from reliable sources who we can trust.

Made in America

Many of our customers want to ensure that their products are labeled “Made in the USA.” That means most of the raw material and assembly happens in country. Particularly in these cases, we strive to source materials from American suppliers and support other American businesses in their endeavors. We also source from American suppliers for logistical convenience and because they provide us with a consistent product with which we can create parts for our customers.

Improved Logistics

American Made MaterialsIf we cannot get access to our materials, we cannot make our customers the products they ordered. We want to be sure that we can offer a consistent supply of our own products, which means that working with local suppliers is essential to taking care of our customers. It is always better to source locally to ensure our supply chain will never be compromised by issues related to sourcing product overseas.

Similarly, having our own in-house tool room to build and maintain our tooling means that we are not relying on overseas manufacturers to create and ship tooling. We can work with our customer’s schedules to get them the parts they need quickly. Our tool room often leverages our Standard Tooling Catalog to quickly create the parts needed for customers. Being local, they are also able to handle repairs when convenient and when lines go down for repairs.


Shorter delivery times and more efficient supply chain processes mean that we can provide long term solutions as we support to our customer base. Customers want to work with suppliers who can reliably source material and in turn provide the parts needed each week or each order period without constant issues.

This means that we know exactly where our products are coming from and who we are buying them from. We can promise our customers consistent quality that is delivered through careful supply chain management and design.

At Roller Die + Forming, we know that American made products and supply chain designs are always going to benefit our customers the most. We promise to work through local supply chains for all our business needs to make sure that our clients experience superior quality and a reliable buying experience.

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