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Roller Die + Forming Supports Our Military by Supporting USA Cares

During the holidays, we turn our thoughts to family and friends and how we can help those around us. For Roller Die + Forming, who we need to support is clear, the veterans and military service members who are out there protecting us and who have come home from the line of duty. We do this by employing veterans and also by supporting one of our favorite charities, USA Cares. [...]

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Interested in Working at Roller Die? Consider the Night Shift

If you’re looking for night shift jobs in Louisville KY, you’ve come to the right place. Roller Die + Forming’s plants are often hiring for a variety of different positions from customer service to machine operators. One option we think you should consider, though, is working the night shift. For some people who prefer to be awake at night, it’s an obvious choice, but there may be some other advantages [...]

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The Latest Updates on Trade and Tariffs

Everyone in the manufacturing world is closely watching the trade negotiations between President Trump and other countries. For the team at Roller Die + Forming, the new agreement with Canada and Mexico, as well as the cease-fire in the trade dispute with China, is welcome news for the end of the year. The new United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement, or USMCA, was signed last weekend, but must still pass Congress before it goes [...]

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Advantages of Manufacturing in Mexico

For companies considering outsourcing part of their manufacturing to an international supplier, considering facilities in both Mexico and China, as well as other countries, is routine. Especially if you’re looking for custom roll formed metal, you’re considering substantial parts that will become part of your appliance, automotive, or industrial part and you want to ensure you’re making the right decision. Here are some of the factors many Roller Die + [...]

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Benefits of Roll Forming

Due to the versatility of material, the highly precise process, flexibility in part production and the efficiencies gained with high volume it is no wonder why roll forming has been adopted as a preferred metal forming process in nearly every industry. Roller Die + Forming is an industry leader in the custom metal roll forming the market and has seen many clients convert to roll forming and benefit from increased [...]

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What’s it Like Working With Roller Die? A Story

Each week, the Roller Die + Forming sales team gathers to discuss their current progress, projects they’re working on, and successes they’ve had. This story illustrates how well our different departments work together to meet customer goals and how central speed and customer services is to our project. In this case, we had been pursuing a company for some time without success because they had pre-existing relationships with other roll [...]

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Investing in Roll Forming

When considering the best way to make the steel, stainless, or aluminum parts you need for your final assembly, there are a number of different factors that come into play. The costs of manufacturing the parts, in particular, can be a driver determining the right path forward. For roll forming, there’s often a significant up-front tooling cost to design and manufacture the tools necessary to shape the metal. Then there [...]

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Roller Die + Forming Makes Unique Shapes

While the many of our customers like to take advantages of Roller Die + Forming’s Standard Tooling Library to help significantly cut the up-front cost of tooling, other customers have very specific and unique shapes they need. In these cases, custom metal forming is the best option for their parts as they can specify the exact shape, metal thickness, and length of their part. They can even punch holes in [...]

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Manufacturing Trends in 2019

The economy in the U.S. is strong and, even with the uncertainty in manufacturing caused by the tariffs, roll forming is still going strong. The team at Roller Die + Forming pays attention to a broad variety of economic indicators to be able to make strategic growth and purchasing decisions. While the economy still cycles, it appears that the upward growth of the economy will continue into 2019. This is [...]

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Moving from Extrusions to Roll Forming

Do you use fabricated aluminum extrusions? Many custom metal parts are made using extrusion that would be cheaper or easier to make using roll forming. Roller Die + Forming engineers can look at the particular part you’re making to determine whether you could save money or have a faster process using roll forming. You may also be able to run smaller batches and have them delivered just in time by [...]

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