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What to Expect with the New Solar Tariff

Recently, the Trump administration announced that it would impose steep tariffs on imported solar products and washing machines. The White House says this is the first step in providing support and protection for U.S. manufacturers. Future trade tariffs related to steel, aluminum, and other products from China could follow. The concern is that cheap solar modules manufactured overseas are putting American ventures at risk. The solar industry appears split over [...]

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Roller Die’s Standard Tooling Library Roller Die + Forming has over 65 years of experience. Over that time, we’ve developed an extensive library of in-house tooling for common shapes. We can use those for our customers to help drastically reduce the startup costs of a project associated with creating new tooling. In addition, migrating towards a standard profile can save as much as 70% of the initial startup cost. Using the roll form parts from [...]

Roller Die + Forming Supplies Z Sections for Solar The solar industry uses Roller Die + Forming because when it comes to creating racking for solar panels, roll formed steel is a cost effective option. We offer the option to create custom shapes with our engineering team or take advantage of our Standard Tooling Library and make solar racks using our standard shapes. The video above features our VP of Engineering, Chris Kovacs, showing one of our standard [...]

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