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Moving from Extrusions to Roll Forming

Do you use fabricated aluminum extrusions? Many custom metal parts are made using extrusion that would be cheaper or easier to make using roll forming. Roller Die + Forming engineers can look at the particular part you’re making to determine whether you could save money or have a faster process using roll forming. You may also be able to run smaller batches and have them delivered just in time by [...]

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The Advantages of Roller Die’s In-House Tool Room

In the world of just-in-time manufacturing, every day counts. A customer needs a shipment of their parts at exactly the right time, so when a machine goes down or a roller starts wearing out, time is of the essence to quickly fix the problem and keep the machine running. Where other businesses have to source their tool-room needs to outside companies or even out to China, Roller Die + Forming [...]

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California’s Focus on Renewable Energy Good for Solar Industry

Roller Die + Forming enjoys attending the various solar energy trade shows throughout the year. We help a number of companies create their custom racking systems used to install solar fields across the country. We’re always watching the industry and excited when new municipalities take on solar projects. One major initiative the legislature of the state of California is focused on is moving the state’s energy sources to 100% clean [...]

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Update on the Steel and Aluminum Tariff

Like most manufacturers, the Roller Die team is closely watching the developments in negotiations with China and, in particular, the impacts of the steel and aluminum tariffs on both the negotiations and on businesses who use those imports as part of their products. As it seems likely that the trade war will continue, along with the existing and increased tariffs, businesses are starting to look for creative ways to mitigate [...]

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Powder Coating Helps Finish Roll Formed Metal Parts

One add-on process offered by Roller Die is the ability to powder coat metals after the part has been roll formed. The benefits of powder coating include providing a finish designed to resist corrosion that, unlike traditional liquid finishes, uses a less hazardous material. Powder coating also allows the application of a thicker coating to the metal and a smoother, more consistent appearance. Initially, the coating has a texture similar [...]

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Roller Die Makes Parts for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

While the material handling industry has always been a big client for roll formed parts, new advances in warehousing technology, using additional roll formed parts, are opening up additional efficiencies in storage systems. One particularly fascinating improvement, commonly used in Europe and increasing in application in America, are automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). These systems allow storage racks to be both tall and deep, holding dozens of similar pallets [...]

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