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Roller Die + Forming Purchases New Equipment

As part of our continuing efforts to expand our capabilities and serve our customers in new and exciting ways, Roller Die + Forming has purchased a new 3” mill, allowing us to run more heavy gauge materials through the roll forming process. We are excited to offer this increased ability to our customers, many of whom have parts for both lighter and heavier processes. Our engineering team is excited to [...]

Roller Die Continues Season of Giving

Charitable giving doesn’t stop when the holidays end. Roller Die + Forming leadership is active in a number of different state and national charities and supports events throughout the year. While we speak most frequently of our work with USA Cares because we appreciate how they support our veterans and many of the workers in our plants are vets, we wanted to highlight another organization today, Down Syndrome of Louisville. [...]

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Manufacturing Parts for Developing Industries

The engineering team at Roller Die + Forming is always excited when they have the opportunity to work on a part for a new industry or a new project. When our team is involved with a part in the design stage, they’re able to help ensure that the initial design is compatible with the roll forming process. This allows manufacturers to take advantage of the cost efficiencies and one-piece flow [...]

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One Advantage of Roll Forming Over Break Press and Stamping

Many times, the best industrial process to use to create a part depends on the volume you intend to make. One part, for example, can easily be made in a machine shop, but as you start to scale up your product, making the parts one at a time quickly becomes inefficient. At this point, companies start looking at different cost-effective ways to quickly and accurately replicate the parts they need [...]

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Roller Die + Forming Works with OEM Facilities

Custom roll forming is used in a wide variety of industries, including the automotive industry. Roller Die + Forming makes parts both for OEM facilities as well as first-tier suppliers. We have built up our experience over the years in delivering cost savings for large OEM accounts and are able to deliver those savings consistently, year after year. Our team is always looking for creative ways to streamline our operations, [...]

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The Many Different Industries Roller Die Helps

Custom roll forming is am amazingly versatile manufacturing process that can be applied to a variety of industries. The team at Roller Die + Forming has over 60 years of experience designing tooling to help customers in a variety of industries. Our team has even helped new and growing industries take advantage of the cost savings that come from our in-line processes. One great example of an industry taking advantages [...]

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Roller Die is Looking Forward to 2019

Coming into the New Year, economic indicators are promising and things are certainly busy at the four Roller Die + Forming locations. Jobs growth in the U.S. has continued and we’ve certainly seen the same here as Roller Die went into the holiday season hiring several new positions. Gross domestic product for the U.S. has grown over the last year and is expected to continue to grow at a rate [...]

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