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Focusing On Improving in Ways that Matter

A central tenant of lean manufacturing is identifying what factors of our output are critical to quality (CTQ) for our customers. Many of these are similar from customer to customer. Some of our larger clients have scorecards that, in theory, outline their different CTQs and rank all suppliers on these metrics. Our industry has certain standards that all roll formers generally meet. Roller Die also works to meet and exceed [...]

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Roller Die Helps the Logistics Industry Grow

The logistics industry is seeing unprecedented growth as people chose to order from their homes items they previously sourced from stores. From delivery trucks to increased distribution facilities, people staying and working from home are taking advantage of services that allow them to stay safe and socially distance while still enjoying the meals, goods, and lifestyle they were accustomed to pre-virus. In many ways, this boom in the logistics industry [...]

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Investing in the Future

The last several months have been a roller coaster for everyone and Roller Die is thankful that our customers have remained strong and continued to grow. We’ve taken steps to ensure the health and safety of our team and ordered material in advance to ensure the supply for our customers. We’ve also taken other steps to invest in the future. As the demand from our clients fluctuated, we took the [...]

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