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Continuous Improvement is Critical to Manufacturing Success

All companies seek to continuously improve their processes and their services, looking to create a better end product and cut waste along the way. At Roller Die, we take the process of continuous improvement seriously. We are always implementing new technologies and strategies to improve our processes, our customer experience, and keep our quality top notch. Continuous Improvement at Roller Die Continuous improvement is a focus for each department and [...]

Roller Die Offers Sheet Metal Press Brake as well as Roll Forming

While we often focus on the many advantages of creating parts using the roll form manufacturing process, press brake is another excellent option. Often used alongside roll forming to create parts for the automotive, appliance, and marine industries, press brakes can create custom shapes or add additional uniform bends to roll formed parts. Generally used for steel parts, press brakes like roll forming can be used with whatever metal the [...]

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Steel Prices Continue to Rise

Following an almost perfect linear progression, steel prices over the last year have risen dramatically and continue to rise. For many of our customers, this means an increasing percentage of their piece price is now in raw materials and as consumers, we’re seeing those price increases reflected in both the cost, and supply availability, of everything we buy. As a large purchaser of steel, Roller Die + Forming closely tracks [...]

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Benefits of Sourcing American Made Materials

At Roller Die + Forming, we believe that consistency and quality are requirements for our products and services. We know how important it is to be sure that our customers have access to quality products when they need them. It is equally important that we source the materials that make your products from reliable sources who we can trust. Made in America Many of our customers want to ensure that [...]

Reusable Packaging Keeps Costs Steady

Roller Die creates parts for many industries, from solar to material handling, from conveyors to trucks. Many of our clients take advantage of manufacturing practices such as just-in-time delivery, having only the parts they need for the week or even the day show up at their plant while we adjust our output based on their demand. Other clients have us put together kits of multiple roll formed parts and deliver [...]

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