Focusing On Improving in Ways that Matter

Focusing On Improving in Ways that Matter

Roll Formed MetalsA central tenant of lean manufacturing is identifying what factors of our output are critical to quality (CTQ) for our customers. Many of these are similar from customer to customer. Some of our larger clients have scorecards that, in theory, outline their different CTQs and rank all suppliers on these metrics. Our industry has certain standards that all roll formers generally meet. Roller Die also works to meet and exceed ISO requirements to maintain our certification.

We Focusing On Improving in Ways that Matter

When our clients have scorecards, it makes CTQs clear and our team can work to ensure that we meet these measurements. Further, as the clients review our performance year over year, we can work to improve our performance on these scorecards. Roller Die management reviews these scorecards to ensure that we are meeting, and exceeding, client expectations.

The roll forming industry has standards, particularly on details like tolerance, that we always strive to meet or exceed. Generally, quality standards also apply to finish, cut-off, punches, and even to packing and shipping, ensuring that parts are packed correctly and shipped in a timely fashion to customers.

ISO 9001 certification

Roller Die also maintains an ISO 9001 certification, meaning that we are always listening to our customers and working to improve our quality and manufacturing processes. We regularly solicit customer feedback and our quality control team takes each comment seriously. We celebrate the positive comments and work to ensure that we turn the negatives around quickly.

Finally, while it may not have anything to do with the final product, a big CTQ is the speed, friendliness, and effectiveness of our team. From quick quote responses to an informed sales team, our staff works tirelessly to provide excellent service. Our customer service team often gets shout-outs on our survey responses as they go above and beyond to find resolutions and keep clients informed. Reach out to our sales team today to learn more about roll forming and Roller Die.