Roller Die Helps the Logistics Industry Grow

Roller Die Helps the Logistics Industry Grow

The logistics industry is seeing unprecedented growth as people chose to order from their homes items they previously sourced from stores. From delivery trucks to increased distribution facilities, people staying and working from home are taking advantage of services that allow them to stay safe and socially distance while still enjoying the meals, goods, and lifestyle they were accustomed to pre-virus.

In many ways, this boom in the logistics industry is likely here to stay. Even when we are able to return to work and school, it is likely more people will take advantage of delivery options for groceries and other goods. These were growing industries before the pandemic. Now that people are set up and comfortable using these services, it’s easier to order online than to go into a crowded store.

Roller Die makes parts that support a number of different logistics companies. The automotive industry is providing delivery trucks, from 18-wheelers to small vans, at an increasing rate and Roller Die is positioned to be a tier-one and tier-two supplier to a variety of OEM facilities. Our high-quality, tight-tolerance parts are useful in a number of automotive applications.

Similarly, material handling is booming. Custom racking solutions for specific applications are always a fun way for our engineering staff to test their ingenuity and the in-line punch capabilities.  Automated storage and retrieval systems need rails to run on that are resistant to heat, durable, and stable. Roll forming has proven an excellent solution for both applications.

If you’re interested in custom metal roll forming, reach out to our sales team today. They can take your drawing or idea and, with the help of our in-house engineering staff, quickly turn around a quote. They also use our Standard Tooling Library to keep costs low.