Investing in the Future

Interested in Working at Roller Die? Consider the Night Shift

The last several months have been a roller coaster for everyone and Roller Die is thankful that our customers have remained strong and continued to grow. We’ve taken steps to ensure the health and safety of our team and ordered material in advance to ensure the supply for our customers. We’ve also taken other steps to invest in the future.

standard tooling options and diesAs the demand from our clients fluctuated, we took the opportunity to perform preemptive maintenance on much of our equipment. While our in-house tool room is excellent at staying on top of tooling maintenance and responsive to any issues, having the unexpected gaps in production early on during the pandemic meant they had time to push forward some regular maintenance. And as demand from our customers picked back up, it was a good thing we’d done so!

Investing in the future also means upgrading our equipment and capacity. Our powder coating facility now has the ability to paint 12-foot parts and they are working on increasing that capacity further. Our team has assessed and repaired hand tools, done additional forklift training, and our facility has never been so clean.

Now that businesses are starting to reopen and manufacturing demand is again increasing, this maintenance is paying off. We are able to respond to increased demands from customers in material handling, truck trailer, and solar. Our new customers, looking to manufacture in the US and Mexico and seeking a stable supplier get to take advantage of the expertise and convenience of our in-house tool room.

If you’re interested in roll forming, stamping, powder coating or assembly for your parts, reach out to a member of our experienced sales team today. They can tell you about our capabilities and the other in-line processes we offer to streamline production and keep costs low.