The Advantages of Reusable Packaging

Manufacturing Parts for Developing Industries

Many of our customers place large orders for the parts they believe they will need for the quarter, but then receive those parts weekly on a just-in-time delivery basis. This helps them keep the inventory of parts low while knowing that the parts will continue to come on time. Just-in-time delivery is also great for quality control as issues can be spotted and corrected quickly.

However, there are logistics involved in ensuring that parts are transported from one of Roller Die + Forming’s five manufacturing plants to the customer’s location. Thankfully our robust shipping department is up to the challenge, with trucks rolling in and out of our plants all day heading in many different directions.

Roll forming is a low waste, sustainable process and we like to continue those themes into shipping. Reusable shipping packaging, from cartons to pallets, limits shipping waste. With the volume of packaging many of our customers use, reusing the pallets and cartons generally results in a cost-savings for our customer.

In addition to just-in-time delivery, we also offer kitting. This is particularly useful when parts are being shipped to different job sites across the country rather than to one manufacturing plant. Kitting allows us to combine and ship different parts in an efficient package to a particular location, ready for assembly upon arrival. Again, sending the packaging back for reuse is a great way our customers can cut their logistics costs.

If you’re interested in learning more about roll forming and the different services offered by Roller Die, please reach out to a member of our experienced sales team today. They will take the time to get to know your specific company and part needs and can make suggestions on ways that Roller Die and roll forming can create the part you need, get it to you exactly when and where you need it, and save on costs such as tooling and packaging.