Roll Forming Custom Parts

Roll Forming Custom Parts

When we go to trade shows or have a chance to show potential customers our samples, there are a few pieces that always get a second look. These pieces really highlight the creative extent of what you can do with roll forming. Whether it’s a complicated profile, tight tolerances on close bends, or a creative punch or press pattern, Roller Die really can roll form some creative custom metal parts.

One example is of a long bleacher seat profile. The light gauge pre-galvanized material is rolled with a stiffening rib to provide strength. To further customize the seats, an extruded plastic cap snaps over the end profile in the team colors.

Another example comes from the appliance industry where light gauge aluminized material is pre-punched with slots for an end tab. There are mitered areas down the length of the profile where it can be easily bent around two panes of heat treated glass to create a precise, functional, and attractive window for an oven.

This pre-galvanized, heavy gauge part of structural steel always gets second looks because it is tightly rolled with only eight die passes. Further, there is no cracking of the steel when it is bent flat upon itself, and no flaking of the galvanization. This is done with absolutely no heating of the material, just the eight sets of rollers folding the heavy steel into the desired shape.

Rolling custom parts for our clients is an art and our experienced engineering team is ready to review drawings to determine the best way to help our customers. They have the experience needed to roll form even the most complex parts. Often, we are even able to reach into our Standard Tooling Library to cut down on the up front costs of tooling when making standard shapes or start with our standard tooling to create custom shapes.

If you’re interested in learning more about roll forming, reach out to a member of our sales team today. They will help you through the quote process, prototyping, and be in touch to ensure your tooling is built and your parts are created exactly to your specifications.