Supplier Ranks Roller Die 98.4/100 During Recent Evaluation

Data-Driven Decisions Help Roller Die Improve

Many Roller Die + Forming customers have evaluation programs designed to ensure their suppliers are meeting their needs in a variety of areas. Recently, a solar company Roller Die works with to provide racking conducted a supplier evaluation and gave us an A status. They ranked us on a variety of factors and we excelled in each area.

Ranking well in categories dealing with engineering, quality, price, flexibility, transparency, and friendliness and promptness of communication, and many others. While we work hard at Roller Die to provide excellent customer service and deliver a quality product, it’s always exciting when we’re given very specific feedback on how well we are supporting our customers. Indeed, we only lost points because our sales and customer service people, while responsive on weekends and in the evening, are not available 24/7.

This commitment to customer service and quality extends to all customers. The Roller Die team regularly responds to queries from current and potential customers and works to help them find the answers they need. We also reach out regularly to solicit feedback from our customers. We want to know how we’re doing and how we can improve. We recently sent a survey to our customers that asks a number of questions for our quality control team and ISO manager. Every single piece of feedback is reviewed and, while the positive feedback is celebrated, the (rare) criticisms are immediately handled.

If you’re interested in learning more about Roller Die, please contact us. We’ve been roll forming custom metal parts for over 85 years and that build up of talent and experience is what our customers appreciate. Our sales team will take the time to educate you on the many advantages of roll forming and how our one-piece-flow process does more than just bend metal.