Roller Die Team Has Experience at All levels

Consider the Financial Strength of Your Suppliers

From senior management down to the workers on the roll forming lines, the Roller Die + Forming team has tremendous experience in manufacturing and specifically with roll forming. That experience provides a wide range of benefits to our customers. Our sales team truly understands roll forming and can provide value from the first time they speak with a customer, discussing whether a potential part is a good fit for the roll forming process. They also help customers look at their goals and suggest other ways roll forming can help them create the parts they need.

Our engineering staff, also well experienced at designing for roll forming, knows the technical aspects of designing tooling that works. They also know the art of handling each type of metal to get it to move into the desired shape.  We are often able to roll metal to industry-standard, or even tighter, tolerances.

On the floor, our quality control team is always paying attention to the parts rolling off the line. Their experience helps keep our return rate so low that our plants often go months at a time without a single return from a customer. Our line workers and maintenance personnel know their machines well and ensure services is done on time so that equipment stays up and running.

The staff of our in-house tool room remembers the days before CAD-assisted design and 3D printing and often applies their experience to the new technology they now use to fabricate models and tooling. They also know how and when to maintain tooling to ensure there is no disruption to production or quality of customer parts.

Taken together, the Roller Die + Forming team has deep industry experience. With a large Standard Tooling Library built over 65+ years of roll forming various parts for customers, we have not only the expertise but the equipment and stability to be a long-term partner for our customers. If you’re interested in learning more about Roller Die or want to see if a part you have is a good fit for roll forming, contact a member of our sales team today.