The Importance of Quality

roll form parts for your project

When you’re considering roll form parts for your project, you’re initially attracted to the cheap cost per piece and the low material waste. However, if the quality isn’t present in the parts, then those advantages can quickly disappear.

At Roller Die, we strive to meet and exceed our customer’s quality expectations. Our customers need to know that the parts they are getting will work for their product. Appliance and marine manufacturers are putting our stainless steel parts in high-touch and very visible locations and want to make sure the parts look exactly as they should. Solar racking companies are installing large solar fields where even a tiny fraction of difference in size or hole placement will add up over a large field.

What Drives Roll Form Quality?

A number of factors go into the final quality of the roll form part. First, the tooling is important. Custom-made tooling will be able to hold very tight tolerances on the bends, ensuring correct angles and precise punches. Similarly, a custom-made cut-off die will make sure that cuts are clean and the part is fitting into the correct profile at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end.

If you want to leverage our standard tooling catalog, we can often couple standard tooling with a custom cut-off, allowing for a reasonable amount of precision while still keeping the startup costs associated with custom tooling costs low.

Maintaining tooling also factors into the quality of  finished parts. While one set of roll form tooling can run hundreds of thousands of feet of parts, staying on top of the maintenance before it becomes an issue is critical. That’s where Roller Die’s in house tool room shines as they make sure both our customer’s tooling and our standard tooling is ready to good when needed.

Quality control also ensures that parts going out the door meet our customer’s expectations. Our quality team pays close attention to the process, from the planning stages through execution, to ensure we are accurately checking the factors that matter most to our customers. The team takes quality concerns seriously, leaping into action as soon as an issue is brought to their attention to ensure it is addressed.

Our five locations across the US and Mexico regularly win awards and accolades from our customers for consistently supplying quality parts and having either minimal or no quality issues. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to a member of our sales team today.